Thursday, November 5, 2009

My goodness, how things have changed!! 01

Parents replaced by 'Play Rangers'

The Mayor of Watford (Great Britan), Dorothy Thornhill, and her Council have just banned parents from watching their own children at two council play areas in the town.
She explains the decision to replace moms and dads with council-trained 'Play Rangers' with the following platitudinous excuse to her local paper:
“Sadly, in today's climate, you can’t have adults walking around unchecked in a children’s playground.”
Nor, apparently, common sense in public office...
Last word to Mr Porter:
...parents' rights are being trampled on by this new atmosphere of fear and suspicion, brought about by the Independent Safeguarding Authority, a government that increasingly thinks it knows better than parents and local authorities that are keen to use any new power offered to them, however mad or tyrannical its application...
I myself can't imagine that anyone would stand for this. Granted, some parents (mom or dad) may be of the type that are not to be trusted but banning all parents from watching or playing with their kids is unacceptable to me. Rather than focus in on those who need a watchful eye, everyone not only gets "punished" but more importantly, get treated as though they are dangerous to their own kids. I suppose that this is a good example of the government assuming parental responsibilities. The idea of this really pisses me off.


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